Sunday, 10 June 2012

Twins and Baby Number 5

The for Adii and Mark, money is really tight. With twins Jack and Emma being born and another baby called Mason also newly out, theres hardly time (or space) to do anything. They're trying hard to bring in income in wich ever way possible, Mark has found a job as a checkout assistant and Adii is playing her guitar in the park for tips whenever she can get away from the babies. There's no money for a babysitter, and so they both have to stay home from school and look after the kids. It's emotionally and physically draining, and increasingly Mark finds himself trying to get out of the house. 

Mark gave 'meeting the neighbours' a new meaning, after he started having an affair with the sim next door, Ingrid Dean. When Adii found out this she was livid! They fought for the whole night, and after that there was no saving the relationship. They broke up and Mark left with the 5 children and his new girlfriend, Ingrid. Adii is left alone in the world and pregnant with his 6th baby, she has no intention to keep it however, as soon as it's born she intends to send it to live with its father. She wants nothing to remind her of the pain of her first failed relationship.

To read the list of my babies so far, go to this page. Please leave comments on what you would like my sim to do next. Should they reconsider and get back together? Should she find a new boyfriend?

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