Monday, 11 June 2012

The Social Worker

Adii had her 6th child with Mark (Liam) , and then sent it to live with him because she couldn't bear for anything to remind her of him. Soon she found a new boyfriend, Paul McDermott, who is younger than her and has fiery red hair. He's caught up in the joy of first love, overjoyed about her pregnancy with him, giving no second thought to what his only living relative (his elderly grandfather) might think.

While Paul is happy, Adii is still sore from her betrayal by Mark and to make it worse she hears that her children have been taken out of Marks care. Mark broke up with Ingrid, the girl he cheated on Adii with, and he caved under the pressure of having to look after six young children. According to various people, it was Ingrid that told social services about the living conditions of the babies, bitter after their breakup and wanting to cause Mark pain. The children were quickly re-distributed among the town residents, some going to Marks parents, some to Adiis and some to family friends. Adii should be glad that she can still visit her children from time to time, but this has lead to a 'no going back' state between the ex-couple, she will never forgive Mark for the neglect he gave to his children. We'd better hope that Paul doesn't make the same mistake.

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