Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Adii has been spending a lot of time at the hospital one way and another, what with being onto her second impregnation from the sperm donor library and her fertility treatment to improve her chance of twins and triplets. One of the workers there caught her eye a few times, he was a blonde and muscular man just slightly older than her by the looks of it, very handsome indeed by her account.
She started talking to him one day and found that they had more than a little in common, he was incredibly friendly and a devout vegetarian, called Pete Nowell.

She got his adress and visited his house late on a Saturday evening to 'drop by some medical papers' although they both knew it was for something more. They had a chat over a mug of coffee, then they kissed and hugged on the bed. Nothing more though. She knew he was already in a relationship, but she asked him to dump the girl and he did as she said. She went home the happiest girl alive, convinced she had found her life partner.

Then the surprise came 2 months later. She had just returned from his house after a good night with him and perhaps a WooHoo or two..... She was convinced he would soon propose, but when she got home some bad news was waiting for her. Pete had just proposed, but not to Adii, to his girlfriend Kara, the same girl who he had told Adii he dumped. Kara was pregnant with his baby and they were having a quickie marriage in a weeks time. Adii was furious and immediately texted him angrily, saying they should never meet agin. The love of her life had betrayed her, just confirming that men were useless.

She had her 13th baby soon after, a gorgeous girl called Ava with a sperm donor father who requested to remain unknown to Adii. Adii then returned to the hospital and straight away booked another impregnating session, requesting a female doctor. This wasn't the first time that a man had broken her heart, but she swore that it would be the last.

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